Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jusco Member day - 12/12/2013 AEON MEMBERS DAY

hi dear , a very goo d morning , already breakfast ? nope .. k , never mine let me innouce the big and hot news from AEON ... yap ,,, AEON member day will coming dear ..'-'... i love day j card .... ahahaha
k dear , at 12/12/2013, jcard member will coming at AEO BANDARAYA MELAKA. ...
okew,, the best things is is a 70% cost down and as a member you will get reward when your purchase  RM100 and get free RM5/10 aen GIFT vch PURCHASE...okey dear ,,, don't forgot to be the first there ... me to... hhaaa... shopping is make me happy and its a one therapy for me for lost pressure... :) i like .. how about you dear .. pls share how you control your stress !!

see you there dear ... mmm   time to shopping .....

p/s: kat tempat korang biler yer ...


  1. time to shopping between 9.30am till 11pm
    12/12/2013 (Thursday)
    have a nice shopping //

  2. time kasih yui sudi singgahh... love u ,,,