Monday, 30 July 2018

HANSAEGEE FOR Sunburn? Oily Skin? Dull Skin? Dry Skin?

Assalammualaikum Dunia and hi every one ;)

This is for your skin care for good looking ;) just sharing , anything you can log on to visit , now they have promotion ... have a good shopping girls !!!

Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser + Aqua Whitening Cream

Special Price MYR180.00 Earn 180 Points Regular Price MYR213.30
* 1 unit Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser
* 1 unit Aqua Whitening Cream
~ Complete Clean & Moisture skin care
+ FREE Postage
+ FREE Hansaegee Towel

What Skin / Who should try this COMBO SET?

Why you have these skin problems? Show you below: 

AQUA WHITENING CREAM - Suitable for : 
1) Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser
* Excellent effect at makeup cleasing
* Cleans deep down into pores
* Deep Clean with skin nerver dry out - Moisture feel
* Content " Aloe Vera Leaf Jiusce " - give moisture & good to skin health
* Content "Tea tree Leaf Oil" - good to seneitive skin, not irritated skin. And good to skin health
* Strengthens pores ; giving them a more healthy look
* Removes impurities deep down within the pores of the skin
* Leaves skin shiny and feeling clean
2) Aqua Whitening Cream
* Repairs dryness & Sunburn damaged skin
*Keeps moisturizer deep into lower layer of skin
* Content "Camelia Japonica Seed Oil" -
Non- comedogenic, not block skin pores, not contribute to acne. Repair damaged skin well at night, recover from redness skin.
* Content "Niacinamide" – improved uneven skin tone, brightening.
* can used it at morning before makeup and night before sleep.
How to use:

1) Step 1 - Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser
* Take the right amount of Bubble Foam on the wet hands, after that message face gently with the bubble as you make a circular motion. Finally, wash face with warm water.
2) Step 2 - Aqua Whitening Cream
*After cleansing face, apply adequate amount onto face, then gently massage and patting your skin, water drops will appear on your skin within seconds, patting let it absorb into skin well. The extra can apply on neck. Give moisture & fresh skin whole day.
~ NIGHT TIME : Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser - Aqua Whitening Cream (apply double layer) - sleep
~ DAY TIME     : Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser - Aqua Whitening Cream

Aloe AC Clean Bubble Cleanser + Aqua Whitening Cream
Simple Basic Daily Skin
*Give Clean,Moisture,Natural Healthy Skin


  1. ni sesuai ni for those yang pegi tepi laut. muka mesti merah2 pedih nye hehe..